Wild Plant Resources

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Jim Meuninck has a free catalog of several one hour videos that identify and demonstrate the use of edible and medicinal wild plants call or e-mail Jim Meuninck: (616) 699-7061; e-mail: jim@herbvideos.com 

WEB SITE:   www.herbvideos.com or www.humannaturenews.com.

Meuninck, Jim. Basic Essentials of Edible Wild Plants; Globe Pequot Press, book, color photos,1999.

Meuninck, J.; DeWeese, M., Forgey, B., et al. Survival, Seventeen Ways to Start a Fire Without a Match and 100 Other Useful Skills, one hour video, 1997.

Meuninck, Jim and Dr. Jim Duke. EDIBLE WILD PLANTS. One hundred useful wild herbs. VHS video, one hour, broadcast quality. 1988.

Meuninck, Jim and Dr. Jim Duke. TREES, SHRUBS, NUTS & BERRIES. Video field guide, VHS. Broadcast quality one hour. 1990.

Meuninck, Jim and Patsy Clark, Theresa Barnes. NATIVE AMERICAN MEDICINE. VHS video, broadcast quality, one hour 1997.

Meuninck, Jim and Theresa Barnes. LITTLE MEDICINE, The Wisdom to Avoid Big Medicine. VHS video, one hour, broadcast quality 1997.

Meuninck, Jim and Smith, Ed; Balch, James. NATURAL HEALTH WITH MEDICINE HERBS AND HEALING FOODS. One hour, broadcast quality, VHS video. 1992.

Meuninck, Jim and Philip, Sinclair.: COOKING WITH EDIBLE FLOWERS AND CULINARY HERBS. One hour, broadcast quality, VHS video. 1990.

Meuninck, Candace Corson MD, Nancy Behnke Strasser RD. DIET FOR NATURAL HEALTH, One diet for disease prevention and weight control. Broadcast quality video with computer database. 1999.


Meuninck, Jim. Meuninck's Medicinal Plant Index. CD rom. Interactive media with world wide web linkages covering over 500 herbs, edible plants, edible flowers and medicinal plants. 1999.

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Sea Vegetables

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Seed and Plant Resources:

Richter's Herb Catalogue. Web Site: For free catalog of edible and medicinal plants seeds and live plants call (905) 640-6677 WEB site: www.herbs.com


Herbal Education Catalog of the American Botanical Council call (512) 331-8868. Web Site: www.herbalgram.org.