Standard Quantities for Herbal Preparations

Hot Infusion: DRIED HERB: 1 cup of water to 2-3grams of dried herb the equivalent of 1 tsp.

                                      DRIED HERB: half liter pot of water to 20 grams of dried herb.

                                      FRESH HERB:  2 teaspoons or 4-6 grams of fresh herb.

                                      FRESH HERB:  half liter (500mL wee more than 2 cups) pot mix 30 grams fresh herb.

Cold Infusion: same amount of herb as above to 2 cups, stand overnight, preferably in a refrigerator.  Standard dosage for cold and hot infusions is 2 cups per day in 2 or three doses.

Decoction: 20 grams dried herb or 40 grams fresh herb to 750 mL of cold water reduced to 500 mL after simmering.  Standard dosage is two cups per day.

Tincture:  200 grams of dried or 300 grams of fresh herb chopped finely into 1 liter of 80 proof vodka (40% alcohol).  Standard dosage of a tincture is 5 ml or 1 teaspoon two or three times per day.

Oil: 250 grams dried or 500 grams of fresh herb to 750 ml of oil.  Use within 6 months.  Dosage varies.

Syrup: 500 ml infusion or decoction (see above) to 500 grams of honey or supersaturated sugar solution.  Standard dosage 1-2 teaspoon  three time per day.

Ointments:  60 grams dried herb or 150 grams fresh herb to 500 grams petroleum jelly or soft paraffin waxStandard application three time per day.

Cream: 30 grams dried herb or 75 grams fresh herb to 150 grams of emulsifying wax, 70 grams of glycerine and 80 ml of water.  Standard Application rub into affected area three times a day.

Lotion, Compress:  500 ml infusion or decoction oe 25 ml tincture to 500 ml. of water (see above).  Apply hot or cold as required.  Remove hot compress after it cools and re apply if necessary.  Remove cold compress when is has dried, reapply if necessary.

Essential Oil for Massage, room aromatic: mix 5-10 drops of essential oil into a carrier oil (lard, olive oil, almond oil).

Steam Inhalation of aromatics  5-10 drops of aromatic essential oil to one liter of water or 25 grams of dried herb 50 grams of fresh herb to a liter, heat water and inhale.

Poultice: Enough herb to cover the affected area, change three time a day.


Other Weight and Measure Conversions:

Milliliter to Drops, Teaspoons, Tablespoons           Minims and Ounces to Milliliters

1mL=20 drops                                                                        1 minim =.062 mL

5mL =1 teaspoon                                                                   1 fluid ounce = 29.57 mL

10mL =1/2 Tablespoon                                                          1 pint (16 ounces)= 473.2 mL

20mL =1 Tablespoon                                                              1 quart (32 ounces)=946.4 mL

                                                                                                   1 gallon=3785.6 mL

Grams to Ounces

.065 gram = 1grain                                                            Ounces to Cups, Quarts, Pints

1 gram = .03 ounces                                                            1 cup = 8 ounces

10 grams = .35 ounces                                                        2 cups=1 pint=16ounces

29 grams = 1.02 ounces                                                      4 cups=1 quart=32 ounces

1000 grams (1 kilogram) =35.27 ounces

 Household Measures

1 drop = 1/20 mL

1 teaspoon =5 mL

1 dessertspoon =8mL

1 tablespoon = 15mL

1 wineglass = 60mL

1 cup = 250 mL