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Agriculture/Farming Related Web Sites

Contains brief history of plant breeding and definition of transgenic crop.    Learn how to make your own transgenic crop.  Contains regulatory issues, agencies.  Good introduction to the topic.    

Agricultural Research Service A rated. Database covering medicinal plants and their chemical constituents pulled together by Dr. Jim Duke.  USDA clearinghouse for Mad Cow Disease:  Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy.

Plant Pest Control focus on California. 

United Nations food and agriculture organization. 

New crop on line resource. 

Plants for the future. 

Plant pathology internet guide. 

Plant tissue culture information pages. 



Numerous pages on antibodies: cause, effect...Allergies. 

Alzheimer's Research   A good place to start your search into this too common disease.

Conferences and Seminars All Disciplines 

This site provides information on national and international meetings.  Serves:  law, business, research, medicine, real estate and more: 


(also see diseases, parasites)

Cyanobacteria site over 6700 references:  


Biotechnology (also see genetics and genome)

Internet directory of molecular biology and biotechnology. 

Yale molecular biology and biotechnology page. 

Dieting Web pages

These pages are useful web sites for diet planning. You can have too little information, but not too much...

Dr. Peter D'Adamo's Diet for Blood Type:

Dr. Bob Arnot's Healthwatch:

Dr. Atkins diet:

Dr. Eades and Dr. Eades protein power diet:

Dr. Dean Ornish:

Pritikin diet:

Barry Sears Zone Diet guide to unofficial web sites:

Cooking Web Pages Reams of Recipes from the Best Chefs
As seen in the Wall Street Journal, November 12, 1998.These sites are favorites of several famous American chefs: Joseph Fortunato, Scarabee Restaurant, New York; Joe Simone, Tosca, Hingham, MA; Rick Moonen, Oceana, New York; Tim Goodell, Aubergine, Newport Beach, CA and Troquet, Costa Mesa, CA; Art Bradley, Cliff House, San Francisco.


Clinical trials  Information about clinical trials both planned and in progress.   Especially useful to those who are searching for a trial to participate in.

Clinical trials government database and links. 

Earth Science

Cornell's Geoscience Information System:  maps, satellite images, global land use projections, population etc. 


World lecture hall University of Texas. 

Virtual hospital. 

Info Mine of scholarly internet resource collections. 


Here is pro insect site to help you appreciate how important they are, all of them. 

Iowa State entomology Index of internet resources. 

The mosquito genomics www server. 

Berkeley Drosophila genome project. 

Environmental Activism

Love the planet?  Then get busy saving it.

Get the latest eco-action alerts and help from numerous environmental activism groups. 

Environmental defense infromation service (scorecard). 

Write the President and save a forest: 

Save gas, save money, protect the environment, meet new friends...Ride a bike. 

Park the school bus and let the kids walk to school in small groups. 

Clean up the world, one person, one place at a time...It works! 

Save the Monarch butterflies.  They need your help. 

Endangered species:  Fish and Wildlife services list of endangered species. Facts and figures:

Community health watch and standards...  

Covers biodiversity and environmental concerns:  videos, software, research news, general news. 

Database of environmental fate of chemicals.  Complex but useful database. 


How Chinese activists are trying to save their fresh water resources. 

How Minnesota's adopt a lake or river program works. 

US Environmental Protection Agency site provides ways to save water. 

Waterborne disease outbreaks and more.  Numerous web links. 

Fight desertification. 

Can we stop the Three Gorges Dam?  Let's protect our rivers and watersheds. 

Save endangered fish.   Don't eat these fish. 


Flavor-Food-Aromatherapy  Discover useful information on food, flavor, aroma and perfume.

United Nations food and agriculture organization. 

Earth Science

Cornell's geoscience infromation system: building a digital globe.   Access satellite images, populations statistics, maps, land use projections and more. 


HIV/AIDS treatment information service. 

HIV gateway to AIDS knowledge. 

AEGiS:  AIDS/HIV gateway site. 

Science Jokes   Good search engine for the just the right joke in your next presentation (please don' e-mail me any, please!).


 United States Government Agencies
NIH; NCI; USDA; FDA and all others

Try this site for locating federal agencies if it is down or overloaded try the next:

Library of Congress:

One click gets directory of all WEB sites:


Math Science Grants for educators. 

Woodrow Wilson Science Institute provides offers residential fellowships in biological or environmental science at Princeton University. 

K-12 teachers try 

Year long fellowships for women teachers. 

Student Scholarships. 

Tolerance awards, for teachers who teach tolerance. 

Carlos and Deborah Santana's Milagro Foundation cultural enrichment grants. 

For grant writers seeking help in the realm of science.   


A must stop for physicians and others who want to keep up to date with the latest medical research. A rated computer desk reference. A-rated!

Poisonous Plants  also see Poisonous Plants in this database

Canadian poisonous plant information system. 

Nutrition and Food Science on the WEB

Food science Science is creating new food products including the genetic modification of food. Covers benefits and concerns.

United Nations site, easy to use database, covering food production, consumption, imports, exports and more.  Good search engines.   Major emphasis sustainable agriculture and food production. 

// Nutrition and disease, specifically for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis.

Nutrition tips and news from Uncle Sam.

Food safety tips: exports, imports, in the home and at the restaurant.

More food safety, a different perspective: industry self regulates and finds nothing to worry about: May be impartial but useful information.

Tufts University Nutritional Navigator good general nutrition and nutritional needs: 

Covers nutrition and a wide area of science;  food safety, food-borne illnesses, diets, dietary guidelines.  Very large coverage. 

Educational Materials for Science, Math. Etc...

Also see Free Materials

Frank Potter's Science gems provides links to educational materials for the physical, earth and life sciences.  Attempts to cover all grade levels.  Over 14,000 links, most relevant.  Worth a stop for all educators and presenters. 

Books and resources on line covering physics, biolog and math. 

Math mind benders at... 

Multi Media Educational Resources for learning and online teaching.  Covers many disciplines.

A www gateway to educational materials with an emphasis on science. 

Beyond discovery:  the path from research to human benefit. 

Chemistry Good collection of online chemistry journals and articles, aimed at chemists.

Journal of Biological Chemistry Research in cellular and molecular biology. A rated.  Organic reactions site.  Alphabetical site to chemical reactions (300 organic chemical reactions.

Sheffield ChemDex. 

Emerging Diseases/Parasites/Virology

(also see insect pests)

Current news of emerging diseases from around the world.

Links to numerous virology pages on the WWW: 

Parasite Genome links to parasite databases, genomes, analysis tools.  Broken down by organism. 

Chlamydomonas genetics center: genetic maps, algal collection links, grant opportunities and job listings. 

Malaria database from WHO: 

Encyclopedia of Disease Reference: 

Center for disease control and prevention. 



Evolution, Psychology and Social Psychology touches on the mechanisms of evolutionary change. 

Mad Cow Disease  USDA clearinghouse for the disease.


Employment Opportunities in the Sciences Excellent site. Select from six large primary categories to begin your search. You may post your availability while discovering what is available.

Ask the headhunter is more general in its scope, covering hot tips, how to beat the system, questions and answers and more:

Chemistry jobs in US and Europe: 

General executive and professional recruiting services for businesses, industry and higher education: 


Museums  The natural History Museum, London, England.  One of the best sites for lay person and scientists to get information on:  botany, paleontology, entomology, zoology and more.


Neurosciences Web Pages

Neurosciences on the internet database and resource finder. Web page on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Lou Gehrig's disease. A rating! Highly touted site for neurobiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, psychology and cognitive sciences.

I have included Sapient Health Network here because of its dedication to interaction between patients with like problems: chat groups, bulletin boards. Try their "Depression Center":

Mental Health Net is a fairly complete guide to mental health resources on the net:


(also see Genome)

Molecular biology class on the web: includes lessons, exams etc.: 

Theoretical biophysics; movies, links, classes, job listings, software and more worth a visit: 

Association for Biodiversity Information Dedicated to developing and providing knowledge about the world's natural diversity:  is the online encyclopedia of life.  Covers over 50,000 plants and animals.  Input common or scientific name into powerful search engine.

Biolinks internet search engine: 

Global hub site for the life sciences. 

Virtual library of developmental biology. 

Botanical Information on the WEB

(Also see poisonous plants and Emerging Diseases)

Jim Meuninck's web site for ethnobotany, nutrition, edible wild plants, edible flowers, native American Medicine: or 

Internet directory of botany. 

Small ethnobotany experience fro UK. 

Tel Aviv U. Department of Plant Sciences Botanical Bookmarks links to herbarium sites and other botany sites worldwide: 

Botanical Diversity web site.  Many links to other botanical sites.  Rain forest diversity.  Botany tools.  Outstanding site worth a visit. 

American Botanical Council and Herbalgram Medicinal herb information and research resources.

Agriculture Research Service A rated. Database covering medicinal plants and their chemical constituents pulled together by Dr. Jim Duke.

Ethnobotanical Resources provides information on how people use plants for food and medicine. Also, books and media on the topic:

Medical Botany syllabus of U. of Maryland course:

Office of Alternative Medicine Http:// A Rating. Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institute of Health.

Parasitic plants, their botany, distribution, those researching them, dictionary, photos and DNA sequences:

Ohio State University Plant dictionary.  Information about plants:  pests. disease, history, biology, technology, etc. 

Boundary Waters plant guide:  Plants of the North covers both flora and fauna. 


Do you want tilapia for your pond punch up

Call Meuninck's Media Methods for two excellent ponding videos: Easy Ponding, The Basics on how to make your own pond, maintain it, filter it and care for the plants and fish in it. Also, Easy Ponding Seasonal Care...Discover how to care for your pond, pond life and plants throughout the seasons. $29.95 each $49.95 for both (800) 487-0522.

Saltwater fish superstore for marine hobbyists: Great site for both fun and research.

Fish as food: USDA database on threatened species:

Scientific Research Pages and Science Journals, Magazines on the WEB

Journal Watch Online page where medical professionals can follow medical literature.   Has key word search, a powerful search engine, that scans many disciplines and provides physician written, concise summaries of the most important research in the literature.  Provides titles, abstracts and references.  Full articles can be ordered for a fee. 

Scholarly journals online database This database has an alphabetical index of scholarly journals on line. It may be your place to start. A rated.

American scientist B rating. Bi-monthly features prominent scientists and engineers reviewing research in science.

BioMedNet A rated site for discovering research articles in medicine, veterinarian medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition.

Health Scout A Rated: Health Scout provides daily health news, numerous links and incredibly more. Prepare to be inundated with information..  Laypersons health information.  Mostly accurate.

Protein Science B rated. Protein research online.

Virtual Plants B Rating. Virtual plants. Three dimensional measurement and simulation of morphogenesis. Watch plants grow.

World Wide Web Journal of Biology

Genetics (also see Genome Research next)

Devoted to news on DNA, for experienced and uninitiated.

Genes and Development Research B rated.

National human Genome Research Center B rated.

Genetic research in Bar Harbor, Maine. Information on their research, career opportunities


Genome Research

The national Center for Genome Resources covers news, views, research, tools databases and flat file retrieval. Discover what's going on in genome research:

Here's a whole library of links in molecular biology.   Good updating, relevant links, and lots of them: 

Mosquito genomics your bag?  Then here is the site for you.   Just about all you want to know about mosquitoes: 

Self named: "The Internet Directory of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.  Superb coverage with tons of links: 

Link to genome centers a virtual online discovery channel for molecular biology.  Help in analyzing protein sequences.  Protein sequence analysis determination:  Human Genome.

Gene browser. 

GenomeNet WWW server. 

GOLD: Genomes online database. 

Guide to molecular sequence analysis. 


National Osteoporosis foundation

Soy products and osteoporosis


Cancer WEB pages

American Cancer Society WEB site Daily news, research and much more.

Community approach to cancer information. 

American Association for Cancer Research presents abstracts from its four journals:

Association of Community Cancer Centers provides has database of cancer centers in the 50 states: http://www/

Breast cancer and environmental risk factors in New York state. Check this site regardless of where you live:

CancerGuide created by a cancer patient provides patients with insights and answers to tough questions not found elsewhere:

National Cancer Institute provides some of the most up to date information concerning cancer and cancer research to be found on the net:

National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, grass-roots network of people and organizations who can help In English and Spanish. Search engine, research, daily news.

National Cancer Institute WEB site You may search worldwide for specific cancer treatments.

Fred Hutchinson cancer research center

Nutritional Research and Treatment/Prevention of cancer Http:// A rating. University of Texas nutritional research for the treatment and prevention of cancer. Abstracts of ongoing trials.

Ovarian Cancer Research notebook various treatments and protocols for ovarian cancer.

Soy products and treating cancer Lymphoma research foundation of America

The Angiogenesis Foundation Information on clinical trials. There are over 300 anti-angiogenesis substances that inhibit the growth of blood vessels to tumors.

Cancer Chromosome Aberration Project   Technical be prepared to work for your discoveries.  Primarily for cancer medical researchers, but give it a try. 

Cancer Genome Anatomy Project Collaborations Aim is to determine the gene-expression profiles of normal, precancer, and cancer cells leading to protection, prevention, treatment.  


Master WEB page to numerous arthritis WED sites to include: Doctor's guide to Arthritis Information and resources; Arthritis Net (includes free weekly arthritis news letter); Arthritis NewsBreak useful information for adults and children; arthritis foundation of Victoria for residents of Victoria BC, Canada; and various arthritis support news groups

Rheumatoid Arthritis Disease Center Latest conventional therapies for treating arthritis. Has numerous links to arthritis WEB sites worldwide.


One of the main diabetes sites: topic pages, types of diabetes, complications, medications, monitoring and much more. Site needs updating. Try others too:

Center for Disease Control WEB page on diabetes

American Diabetes Association WEB page.

European consortium of healthcare providers and researchers focusing on diabetes care.

Ecke3rd Pharmacy home page leads you to several international diabetes WEB sites. Click the following: Then on the home page select: Diabetes Resources button. From the next age select Diabetes Info Online.

The Diabetes Monitor. 

Heart Disease

American Heart Association WEB page Nutrition, exercise, medical treatment and much more.

Information on heart disease including: blood pressure, diet, exercise, conventional and alternative therapies. Http://

Medical Publishers of Books and CD Roms/FREE THINGS

Get free images and other free information.

Arnold Publishers Medical books and CDs.

Aspen Publishers Books and journals in food sciences.

Lipponcott medical journals http://www/ Medical journals and CD roms, free medical images, medical dictionaries on CD rom, nursing books and information, veterinarian books.

Multi Media Educational Resources for learning and online teaching.  Covers many disciplines.

Marine Sciences

(also see Aquaculture)

All about kelp.  Improving reference site for Macrocystis: 

Soy for Disease Prevention and Treatment

Soy products and osteoporosis. New research on soy products and their effects on osteoporosis.

Soy products and treating cancer Succinct web site outlining the reported effects of soy on human health.

Soy Symposiums: role of soy protein in preventing and treating chronic disease Comprehensive pages on soy foods and human health. For direct access to International Soy symposium studies:

Lab Velocity provides free resources for biotechnology and life sciences:  protocols, news, products, literature, tools, tables.  Free doewnloading...great organization. 

Biological Controls of Insect Pests Discover biological controls for your garden, lawn, arboretum. Good source for natural controls for your garden. Information on environmental toxicants covering diet and cancer, food safety, household hazards, indoor air pollution, pesticides, drinking water, gardening. chemicals.

University of California integrated statewide pest management project. 

Insects and other organisms:  Pest Web. 

Health Information/Vaccines/Immunizations

(PLUS: vaccinations/immunizations)

National Network for Immunization Information  What you need to know about immunizations.  A bit pro-immunizations.   Not much on alternatives.

Healthgate provides access to several medical databases to include: Medline, AIDSLine and CancerLit: http://www/

Health A to Z searches for medical sites and has electronic bulletin boards:

Johns Hopkins and Aetna team to provide information on common and not so common problems as well as a drug index...Somewhat commercial:

The Mayo clinic offers focus centers on specific diseases (i.e. Alzheimers, heart disease, etc.). You may e-mail questions to the site and they will be answered and posted:

Medscape is an excellent site with great content:

The New England Journal of Medicine provides abstracts of their articles and for a fee entire articles:

Martindales health Science Guide provides links to a vast array of sites in the realms of medicine, chemistry and biotechnology.  Staggering size is daunting.  Hang in there.   

Vaccines:   Interlinked site (web ring) general and specific info on vaccines. 



Medline provides a comprehensive database of research abstracts, over 9 million articles from over 3,800 journals:

Herbs and Supplements (Also see Alternative Medicine)

National Institute of Health bibliography of herbs and dietary supplements. Useful and reliable information: P.S. Sometimes this site is crowded and you will have to log on several times to get through. Don't get discouraged.

To purchase live herbs and seeds from around the world see 

Evidence based herbal medicine database. 

Jim Meuninck's web page. 


Sportscience covers research in physical performance and exercise...Contains latest research articles, many hyperlinks to other sites, archives, good search engine, training guide, well documented:

Netfit offers 200 fitness exercises and tests to determine exactly how fit or our of share you are.  Covers over 30 workouts, including stretching and how to exercise all major muscle groups.      

Recalls and Safety Alerts      

Research Aids  

Web sites that help you search other web sites for scientific data.

Pub crawler scans daily updates to NCBI Medline and Genbank databases and alerts users.    This is well organized and relevant information.  Results can be posted to web site or e-mailed daily.  Research Aids.  At this date service is free     

Federal Research and Development Project summaries  Federal research and development search engine: NSF, NIH, DOE.

Academic information on the web: 

Free online full text articles. 

Multi media reference library. 

Research tools for the researcher. 

Robotics  Links to robotics pages, covers advances and much more.

Trees  database for identifying trees.  Type in scientific name or attribute.  Focus is trees in Holland.


Institute of Forest Genetics Dendrome Project  Contains world directory of forest genetics, newsletter, comparative genomics project, genome database for trees.


Statistics:  Interactive Calculation Pages

A large set of statistics calculaitons you can download and help resolve your next research project: 

Watchdog Site

Health on the Net Foundation sets guidelines for web sites to make sure they are dispensing credible information. Sites with their approval are more accurate:  the Council for Responsible Genetics....Very good newsletter.


Here's an online drug index. Very good at teasing out contraindications and safety issues. Sight has fuzzy search capability in case you misspell the drug: Whether you are for or against drug legalization this site is very helpful and comprehensive. Legal, historical and public policy issues are covered on tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc...

Alternative Medicine (Also see Herbs)

Alternative Health News Online is an award winning site covering numerous aspects of the topic:

Alternative medicine Directory of health Care Practitioners (incomplete listing):

American College for the Advancement of Medicine has this site to educate physicians in alternative medicine practices:

Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research in Asthma:

Alternative Medicine (integrated medicine class) a Medical Botany Syllabus:

Medicine of Ancient Egypt:

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine:

Natural Herbal Remedies for Common Ailments (undocumented):

Natural Pharmacist, developed by doctors provides science based natural health informaiton  Information and articles about conditions, herbs and supplements.  Experts, discussion groups.  Highly rated. 

Office of Alternative Medicine A Rating. Office of Alternative Medicine at the National Institute of Health. Discover research going on nationwide.

Understanding Alternative Medicine: Healthworld online:

University of Texas Alternative Medicine Research in Cancer:

Wellness Web has both alternative and conventional medicine news and views:

Use of herbs and nutritional supplements to treat common ailments.  By medical professionals, dosage charts, dietary instructions.  Searchable by ailment. 

Ethics (animal rights, environment, abortion, sexual orientation, reproduction)

Updates and references new material, much of which is hyperlinked: case studies, discussion. Well done.

The Center for Bioethics, University of Pennsylvania. Covers impact of technology on biology. Pop up menu leads user to specific needs:

Gardening/Flowers/Plant Pathology: Live Plants & Seeds

Richter's:  Go to  this is Richter's The Herb Specialists Web site.  Richter's has all your gardening needs:  herbs from around the globe:  culinary, medicinal, heritage plants. Also, books, videos, software and much more.  Check out the web site and get a catalog.  claims 24 hour care service to plan, nurse and maintain your garden. Landscape design, pruning techniques, frost damage, fertilizing plus 20,000 plants and plant products. helps with web site design, hosting with special attention to gardeners, homesteaders, country life.

Database of gardening sites and info. 

Flowering plant gateway from Texas A&M  good source of info on flowering plants. 

Plant pathology internet guide. 


Respiratory Tract Disease  Sponsored by Bayer aspirin...Online forecasts of respiratory tract infections...Forecasting the diseases and timing their arrival in your neighborhood.


Weather Planner provides fairly accurate long range weather predictions.

Women in Biology

Women in biology, organizations, history, affirmative action, career advice, job listings,  great articles: