Soy Milk

How to prepare your own Phyto-estrogen rich extraction from soy beans.  Soy beans may be washed, soaked overnight in the refrigerator. Then cook them with smoked turkey legs.  Or...  

Take the 3 cups of soaked and swollen beans and put them in a blender with three cups of water and blend.... 

Then bring the blended soy product to a simmer in a double boiler for 30 minutes.  Strain through cheese cloth or clean panty hose and you have soy milk and there left in the cheese cloth is vegetated protein.  Flavor the soy milk with vanilla, carob or chocolate.  Drink daily. 

Soy Dog Food

Use the semi dry vegetated protein in the panty hose to make dog food.  Spread dollops of the vegetated protein on a baking sheet (baking paper) and toast at 350 degrees until firm.   Here's a high protein, high fiber dog food extender that my Golden Rusty loves.    (More)

Also soy web sites.