Jim Meuninck's Workshops
Here are some of the topics Jim will be lecturing on in the year 2000.

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Herbal Preparations and Nutritional Therapies Workshop

Learn how to compound your own herbal therapies. Join Jim, using his favorite Chinese and Native American herbs, and learn how to make your own home medicine chest. Get hands-on experience extracting herbal medicine using common kitchen tools. Make live plant tinctures; Milk Thistle extraction; Astragalus decoction. Discover how flavonoids protect you from cancer and learn how to get more into your diet. Learn how to formulate and make fomentations, percolations, infusions, salves and poultices. Make your own soy milk and tofu. Extract Echinacea polysaccharides, cichoric acid and akylamides. Soak hypericin from St. John's Wort and discover how to treat mild forms of depression. Workshop fee includes your own copy of the Meuninck's new video: Herbal Preparations and Nutritional Therapies.

Gardens of the World and a Taste from the Orient

Jim Meuninck will prepare world "flavor principle" appetizers and show slides and video of his favorite gardens in France, Austria, the Orient and Canada. Visit Villandry, Giverny, Katmandu, the Sooke Harbour House and Butchart Gardens. Your penalty for such pleasures will be health food appetizers: roots from China, pasta from the Med., "Mayan Caviar" and primal recipes gleaned from ancient Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon parchment cookbooks (No kidding?). Discover how one woman's dream, a backyard garden, grew into one of the most fabulous gardens in the world. Experience the natural beauty that motivated Monet. Visit the "best restaurant in the world" (according to Gourmet magazine) and see the gardens that made it famous. Medieval gardens, Shinto gardens and Neanderthal gardens...It's what makes us domestic. It's what makes us wild! (slides, video, demonstration, food tasting, transparencies).

The Five Minute Garden

Model your garden After Godís garden. Discover how to be a "five minute gardener". Learn about organic gardening, companion planting, beneficial insects and more. Then grow plants that take care of themselves. Plants that are open pollinated and hardy. Plants that are both your food and medicine. Learn how to cook with these plants. Grow herbs, edible flowers, wild food plants and weird and wonderful stuff from the Far East. Visit on video and slides model herb gardens and herb purveyors. Get your gardening year off to a great start with a sneak peeks into the backyard gardens of France, Germany, Austria and other distant Edens.

Cooking with Edible Flowers for Health and Harmony

This class could be dangerous. One of Jim's former students was arrested while eating a floral funeral arrangement. Others have been seen grazing with cattle. If you and your family can stand the embarrassment, this is one of Jim's favorite and best workshops. You'll eat about 30 flowers. Learn how to prepare them with other foods. And discover how to grow them profusely in your garden. And why not! Flowers are good to you and good for you. Jim identifies the safe flowers to eat. Explains their taste. And uncovers the medical evidence that flowers are rich in secondary chemicals our bodies crave. Learn how to make floral infusions, flower vinegars, floral sorbets, flower teas, candy flowers, distill rose water and more. Primal humans eat flowers, chimps eat flowers, gorillas eat flowers: What do they know that we don't? Quit being a rogue primate and come eat flowers with us. (demonstration, tasting, video, slides, transparencies).

Edible Wild Plants

Take a walk on the wild side and eat the wilderness things you trample. Discover the best wild plants to eat. Learn how they are used as both food and medicine. See how they can be introduced to your yard or garden. Many of them are already there. You call them weeds, Jim calls them lunch. These plants with their superior genetics have withstood the onslaught of humankind. They are competitive, awesomely aggressive, tasty and nutritious. How nutritious? Several of the plants you will eat are considered by people who know as the best nutrient profiles in the Plant Kingdom. Learn how to make vegetable bullion from stinging nettle. Discover how to treat adult onset diabetes with wild roots. Hello dandelions. What's that you do for me? Learn the nutritional needs that wild plants satisfy. This free source of food growing at your feet is better than what you can get in the supermarket. Jim proves it.

Chinese Medicine

Jim Meuninck takes you to China. Learn how to make his favorite Traditional Chinese Medicine recipes to provide nutritional support for the treatment and prevention of disease. Learn how to use gobo burdock root, astragalus, bitter melon, licorice, ginger, codonopsis, lotus root, hawthorn berries and other Chinese medical botanicals. Make your next Chinese stir fry a potent disease fighting recipe. Understand the philosophy and approach of Chinese herbal healing. Taste wild plants here in America that are cultivated and eaten to treat disease in China. Taste Jim's favorite nutritional support for bronchitis, gastritis and ulcers. Discover the secrets of Chinese good health and longevity. As a bonus Jim will share his famous Yin and Yang cordial, a tasteful blend of the number one female herb and number one male herb---they grow right here on the planet. Taste Satay's and fine chili sauces from the Orient. A mystical and gastronomical journey into the secrets of Chinese Medicine. (slides, video, demo, tasting, hand on opportunities...etc...)

Diet for Natural Health,
One Diet for Weight Control and Disease Prevention.

Explore with Jim the best aspects of a cross cultural diet. Discover how to use ethnic flavor principles to make food safer and more healthful. Learn how to glean the best from China, Japan, Native American and Mediterranean diets.

Discover the latest research on how your diet can enhance mood, control craving and prevent binge eating. Hear the end of the debate over which is best: a high carbohydrate diet or a high protein diet...It's neither. Discover foods low on the Glycemic Index, hypoglycemia fighting foods, rich in fiber, high in bulk--perfect for losing or maintaining weight. Listen to what our ancestors have to say: the Paleolithic diet has much to offer. These diet strategies may help you avoid cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. Two hours. Fifteen dollar lab fee to cover food and choice of video, book or database.

Disease Fighting Herbs: A Medical Research Update

Scientific Evidence for the Safe and Effective Use of Medicinal Botanicals.

Jim Meuninck will present the latest clinical trials and medical research on disease prevention and nutritional therapy using whole plant foods and plant chemicals. Participants will develop a general understanding of some of the most popular herbs sold in pharmacies. They will be able to pinpoint specific therapeutic information regarding the appropriate use of leading herbs and phytomedicines, including their specific health benefits, contraindications, side effects, intereactions with other drugs and appropriate dosage levels. They will learn to use an interactive CD Rom, The Physicians Laptop Reference to Medical Botanicals. This interactive disk contains detailed information on over 200 edible and medicinal plants. The disk provides direct hyperlinks to the best medical sites on the internet. Students will be able to access clinical trial abstracts and other valid and emerging evidence supporting (or refuting) the use of medical botanicals. Participants will also spend a day in the field identifying and tasting popular medicinal plants of North America.

Natural Health with Medicinal Herbs and Healing Foods

Learn to use herbs to boost immunity protecting you from acute infections.

Discover the exotic foods and phytoestrogen rich herbs that protect you from women's problems...Problems of menopause, hormone replacement therapy, osteoporosis, breast cancer, PMS. Discover how nutrition and herbal therapies are complementary to traditional cancer treatments. Discover the best food and herbal sources of antioxidants and cancer fighting flavonoids. Taste some of Jim's favorite Natural Health recipes: delicious preparations that are part of holistic approach to good health. Get inside Jim's database and discover fruits, pulses, vegetables and medicinal herbs that keep you well. Lecture, slides, video, transparencies and computer database. Ten dollar lab fee to cover food and choice of video.

Native American Medicine

Discover how Native Americans protected themselves from bears, snakes, mosquitoes, spiders and scorpions. Learn how to treat snake bites, insect bites, wounds, colds and flu with wild plants. See how hickory catkins were used to treat sunburn. Uncover the healing rituals of our indigenous people: smudging, sweeping, dance, sweat lodge. Learn how to prevent illness with primal healing techniques using hot peppers, melons, corn, and wild plants. Watch how pioneers pieced together a medicine kit from ancient wisdom shared by Native American. Based on Jim's best selling videos: Little Medicine the Wisdom to Avoid Big Medicine and Native American Medicine.

NOTE:  Jim can tailor these presentations to your audience. For example, the presentation above is quite different for oncology nurses than it is for a group of herb purveyors.

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