Rosemary, is a versatile food/medicine.  Rub the salad bowl with rosemary, stuff all roasted fowl with rosemary.  Excellent with lamb.  Bathe with a bouquet of rosemary in the water (safely tucked in panty hose or sock).  Rosemary rubbed on the bottom of a pizza pan flavors the pizza...More. 

Add rosemary to pasta dishes, pasta sauces add--an appreciated surprise.   Spike up a jar of over the counter spaghetti sauce with a couple tablespoons of rosemary.

Rosemary flower, edible flower...Sprinkle over roasted meats:  lamb, goat, beef, chicken, duck, goose, fish.

SPANISH MEDICINE:  Rosemary, Romero in Spanish; romani in Catalan and erromeru in Basque is used in cooking of foul, game, lamb, goat, beef and pork.   It may also be crushed and rubbed briskly and deeply into a salad bowl before serving the salad.

Uses: It is considered a carminative, soothing to the stomach, chologogue, emenagogue and antispasmodic.

The tea (infusion of leaves) is a simple way to get its attributes.  The essence is imparted in olive oil and alcohol (tincture).  In distilled, pure water the decoction is used to cleanse the eyes.

Folk belief:  Olive oil with rosemary may prevent creation of wrinkles.