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TIP...Hawthorn: Extracts from flowers, young shoots, leaves and fruit of Hawthorn are used to increase coronary blood flow by dilating coronary arteries.

Dried flowers and fruits are decocted (simmered in water) and administered orally.  Typical dose: 5 grams of dried drug in decoction per day (see your holistic physician for  advice).

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CONTENT:  Co-authors Jim Duke and Jim Meuninck take you  through forests nationwide identifying and harvesting roots, bark, leaves, fruit, nuts and berries.   Discover how to cook these wild foods.  Learn how Native Americans, Chinese and Pioneers used these wild foods for medicine.   Also discover modern pharmaceutical uses.  Shows how to make primitive harvesting tools.  A fantastic teaching tool.

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  • Dr. Tom Squires:  " Four stars.  I use this video in my survival lectures.  Dozens of delicious berries.  Shows berries and nuts in all seasons."

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