Our Best Survival Videos

18.  Survival: 
Seventeen Ways to Start a Fire Without a Match and 100 Other useful Skills.

"Most highly recommended! If you value your life, the lives of your friends and loved one, watch this tape.  Learn real life methods from real life survival experts who have actually been there...Done that!"
             --T.C. Wallace, S.E.R.E, USN retired

"One of the best survival tapes we have seen!"
                 --American Survival Guide       

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VHS video/one hour with Mountain Mel DeWeese, Meuninck, Forgey and Clark

Discover survival skills most humans have forgot.  Learn how to direct knowledge and primitive technology toward defeating the Seven Enemies that threaten your life.  With the survival skills and tools shown in this video you can leave the trail, disappear into the bush and return to do it again and again.


  • Discover 17 ways to start a fire without a match.
  • Make a world class personal survival kit.
  • Discover where and when to use proven signaling tools.
  • Construct primitive shelters, tools, traps and weapons.
  • Learn to forage for edible wild plants.
  • Make medicine and repellents from wild plants.
  • Practice wilderness first-aid.
  • Stay found with space-age satellite technology.
  • Avoid hypothermia, water purification and much more.

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19.  Backwoods Survival Skills - Learn to Survive Using Nature's Gifts.   $19.95
VHS video approximately one hour...With Bill Gingras. This survival video complements our survival program.  Bill's demonstrations on bowl making with fire and shelter making are unique, the best.

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 Last time I saw Bill Gingras he was roasting a road kill snake on a stick.   Bill's the kind of guy who can turn a bad situation into a good time. Sit back and learn from an expert.  Backwoods Survival skills will give you the upper hand in difficult scenarios.  It's a great confidence builder that will increase your joy of the great outdoors.


  • Take control and master every  survival situation.
  • Bill is a survival instructor for the Virginia Hunter Education Program.
  • Taped in and around the Great Dismal Swamp.
  • Excellent shelter constructions demonstrations.
  • More fire building.
  • "Best debris shelters I have ever seen."   - Jim Meuninck

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