How to Make a Backyard Pond
The Easy Ponding Series

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Easy Ponding - The Basics

Easy to follow, fun to watch, this video makes building a pond a cinch.  Discover everything you need to know to make your own pond.  Each tip saves you time and money.  The end result--the genius of a veterinarian, artist and architect-- provides you with a beautiful, functional natural environment full of life. Everything you need to know to build a pond.

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This video is a must for anyone beginning their journey into the exciting world or water gardening. We take you through every step of the process in creating a water garden in an entertaining and informative way.  

Now everyone can create a beautiful water garden of their own.


  • How to choose the best site.
  • Design ideas and excavation.
  • Liners and edging. 
  • How to make your own high tech but inexpensive filter.
  • Plants and fish care.
  • Algae control for clear water.
  • General pond maintenance.

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Easy Ponding - The Basics


More Ponding: Waterfalls, Streams and Other Attractions. Complete your fantasy with these ponding techniques.  Build waterfalls, islands, weeping walls, streams and rapids all easy to make with the help of this video.  More below...

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Discover how to make meandering streams, waterfalls, weeping walls and much more. 
Everything you need to know to create these stunning pond features.


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  Easy Ponding:  Waterfalls, Streams and Other Attractions


Easy Ponding- Seasonal Care:  This video is a must for any established pond owner or for those who are researching the field of pond ownership, as it shows you just how simple and enjoyable ponding can be. Your pond stays beautiful, safe and functional year around in any climate with the help of this video.

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Pond owners can now relax and enjoy the benefits that water gardening offers by
following our simple methods on how to care for your pond throughout the four seasons.


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  Easy Ponding: Seasonal Care