Natural Health with Medicinal Herbs
Native American Medicine

"It is timely to offer the healing powers of natural herbs today to find Spiritual
strength and harmony with Nature"  
  --Mary Brave Bird Olguin, author
Lokota Woman and Chitka Woman

Native American Medicine

"When a woman washes her clothes in a stream the water wicks away body heat. Her feet get cold, her hands are cold. When she comes home I administer "Warrior" plants to warm her.  Warrior plants like nuts, peppers and garlic take their energy from the sun."                    -Estela Roman 

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 CONTENT: 60 minute video with Estella Roman, Theresa Barnes, Patsy Clark and Jim Meuninck

See three Native Americans  demonstrate their healing rituals.  Learn smudging, sweeping, primal dancing, sweat lodge and Native American massage.  Discover how to use "female" and "warrior" plants to dispel negative energy so the good spirits can enter and heal us.  Also, more about bioflavonoids, healing flowers, health secrets of Rusty the dog, and how to make a backyard sweat lodge.

"Western medicine does not have all the answers.  See ancient healing wisdom at work in the hands of modern women, based on their North American Indian heritage.  These traditions have something important to tell us."
                                                                -Candace Corson M.D.


  • Discover How Native Americans use wild plants, dance and massage to...
  •  Warm and cool the body.
  •  Increase energy.
  •  Treat poison, ivy, sunburn, colds, flu and other afflictions and diseases.
  •  Learn how to make salves, tinctures, infusions and oils.
  •  See how "first people" expel worms, treat diarrhea and stomach disorders.

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