20.  Origami for Kids......To order call: (800) 487-0522

Origami for Kids is currently our best selling video. It is a fold along to music where a Japanese Master of Origami and kids create paper insects, birds, paper cups, airplanes, hats, party favors, refrigerator magnets and Christmas tree ornaments.

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 VHS/video with Takashige, Rebecca, Jill, Ursula and Derek.

Our best selling video!  Learn how to fold paper with the experts.  Make a high performance glider.  Fold animals, insects and birds, frogs, cicadas, cranes, pigeons and swans.  Make decorative refrigerator magnets, Christmas tree ornaments and party favors.  Fold a Samurai helmet.  Make a soldier's hat and a paper boat that floats.  Fold your own drinking cup.


  • Solve problems.
  • Improve self-esteem.
  • Learn basic science.
  • Develop transferable skills.
  • Develop entrepreneurial leadership.

  WebSpecial:    $19.95


21. NatureArt

To Order Call (800) 487-0522.  

Mother Nature provides the raw materials to make dolls, art, weavings, dyes, ink, planters, necklaces, bracelets, boats and jewelry.

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VHS/Video/one hour with Takashige, Olivia and Rebecca

Use the magic and wonder of nature to teach and inspire budding artists.  This is a great gift to children just beginning to explore art, science and the wonders of nature.  Inspiring, stimulating and creative fun:  flowers become dolls that dance, seed pods are exotic jewelry or magical sailing vessels, and berries provide the ink to pen your latest verse...And there is so much more....

Kids learn how to...

  • Recycle newspapers into flower pots.
  • Grow a wild flower and herb garden.
  • Make leaf and bark rubbings.
  • Fold paper flowers.
  • Design fantasy land with dried flowers.
  • Create floral bookmarks and placemats.
  • Prepare berry ink and plant dyes.
  • Weave miniature rugs, a God's eye and yarn dolls.
  • Construct picture frames from nuts and seeds.
  • Make toy boats with seed pods and nut shells.
  • Make plant presses, seed markers and much more.

WebSpecial:  $19.95