Interactive Computer Disks

Fifteen years of study, over 2000 pages, over 500 photos.  Documented information 
in print media format that can be used in classes, lectures, in the field clinics, notebooks, herbariums?    

Discover plants and plant chemicals that jump start life, protect your 
health, provide first aid, stimulate pleasure and protect the environment.

 The Incredible Herbal Odyssey CD

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Our new CD is a compilation of 15 years of study.  It is interactive, searchable with over 500 photos and over 2000 pages of information.   Thousands of links providing you with the latest and oldest uses of plants as food and medicine.  


  • Edible Wild Plants with photos

  • Medicinal Herbs from around the world with photos.

  • A Physician's Laptop Reference to top selling herbs, fully documented, function, chemistry, other uses, dosage, contraindications with photos.

  • Survival skills.

  • Favorite Chinese Medicinal Herbs with photos.

  • Favorite Ayurvedic Medicinal Herbs with photos.

  • Plants for first aid to treat bites, stings, wounds and envenomations with photos.

  • Poisonous and psychoactive plants with photos.

  • Herbs and their uses in Medieval Europe with photos.

  • Edible Flowers & Culinary Herbs with flavors, recipes, photos.

  • Herbal Preparations tips and workshop.

  • Diet for Natural Health recipes, cooking tips, recipes.

  • Direct one click web links to the best survival, herbal, medicinal, nutritional and edible pages on the web.

  • Wilderness survival skills.

  • Nutritional healing, Organic Gardening tips, Companion plantings and beneficial insects, Garden maintenance schedule, pruning techniques, The Five Minute Garden, Anthropology and much more.

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10. Physician's Laptop Reference

Raspberries contain ellagic acid (primarily in the seeds).  A daily dose of one hundred grams of pureed raspberries may be anti-cancer.  


Interactive Computer Database. Use your web browser to search. Hyperlinked text speeds navigation to specific plant, disease, chemistry or contra-indication.  Describes top selling over-the-counter-herbs.  There function, medicinal uses, chemistry, dosage, contra-indications and authors notes, fully documented.

Will work on any computer with a web browser such as
Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc. 

                     WebSpecial: $15.95

12. Diet for Natural Health Interactive Disk.

Daylilly (Hemerocallis flava) has an edible flower.  Tease apart  petals and put it on salads. Unopened buds may be added to stir fry.  


Interactive computer disk on nutrition, exercise, dieting and plants that fight disease.  More than 600 pages of information plus links to related web pages.  Interactive navigational links throughout.  Discover the best diet for you.  Learn about other major diets.   Uncover nutritional interventions for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, acne, arthritis and much more.

Works on any platform with a web browser.      

                WebSpecial:  $15.95