One diet for weight Loss and disease prevention 

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Wild leeks (Allium tricoccum) a good source of heart protecting and infection fighting sulfur compounds.  Their taste is stronger than an onion, weaker than garlic.  Makes tasty cream soup.   Extend the soup by adding watercress and stinging nettle leaves.

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The Diet for Natural Health Interactive Disk is included with this video over 500 pages of info plus important diet, health and nutrition web links.

One hour video with Candace Corson M.D., Stephen Holt M.D., Nancy Behnke Strasser R.D. and JIm Meuninck M.S. Biology and Counseling.

 Physicians, nutritionists and biologists uncover medical and nutritional science for weight control and disease prevention.  Here's a guide to nutritional support for the prevention and treatment of disease.

Based on modern research discover the precision building blocks for healing and fighting disease.  This is a safe and easy to follow strategy for controlling weight and protecting the health of your loved ones. 

Discover the benefits of ingredients that define the flavor of ethnic cuisine.
These plants chemicals have been used for thousands of years to preserve and enhance foods.  Learn how to use the proven wisdom of diverse cultures.


 This program helps eliminate the following barriers to achieving a healthy weight control diet...

  • Lack of motivation.
  • Inadequate knowledge.
  • Time constraints on the cook.
  • Confusing dietary recommendations.
  • Unhealthy taste preferences.
  • Dietary conflicts between family members.
  • Notions that healthy meals are expensive and difficult to prepare.

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