23.  NEW BOOK:  Edible Wild Plants and Useful Herbs

Yucca and daylily flower garnish with huevo rancheros.  Yucca flower and daylilies are edible wild flowers with health protecting cancer.  Bioflavonoids in these flowers improve circulation, fight allergies and are anti-microbial.

Book:  $7.95   Color Photos

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Book/color photos/indexed/copyright 1999 Author Jim Meuninck

Jim Meuninck's new field guide has color photos and identifies 120 edible and medicinal plants.  The book contains Jim's favorite recipes...And it documents Native American, Chinese, Pioneer and modern pharmaceutical uses of wild plants.

Special section on poisonous plants and poisonous look-alikes.

New sections explore Jim's favorite edible wild flowers, his favorite wild foods found along the shoreline and in the inter-tidal zones.  Also, discover the benefits of bioflavonoids and other phytochemicals as Jim identifies his favorite wild plants that keep him healthy.


  • Color photos for accurate field identification.
  • Excellent companion book for his video series.
  • Edible Wild Plants and Trees, Shrubs, Nuts and Berries videos.
  • Indexed, with a huge appendix of recommended books, videos and other wild plant resources.
  • Inexpensive edible wild plants guide with color photos.

Pricing       $7.95    


24.  Diving Opportunities for Fun and Profit

Diving is great fun and you can make money while doing it.  Jim Meuninck has been scuba diving for 38 years.  He has retrieved thousands of golf balls, did graduate work in marine sciences, taught diving to graduate students, searched for underwater antiques, spear fished and has canvassed people around the United States for ways to make money diving.   Book: $12.95

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 Author Jim Meuninck

Discover over 100 ways to make money diving.   Jim Meuninck is a member of the Wilderness Medical Society and authored the nationally syndicated columns Outdoor Medicine and Boating Medicine.  He studied marine biology at the LaSalle Biological Center, Ocho Rios, Jamaica and at the late Emperor Hiro Hito's Marine Science Center in Hayama, Japan.  He has been diving for 38 years.   


  • Discover 100 ways to make money diving.
  • Odd jobs, diving for golf balls and antiques, wrecks.
  • Police and fire services.
  • Wrecks and treasure diving.
  • Diving and dredging for gold.
  • Diving for ancient logs and other artifacts.
  • Artifact preservation techniques.
  • harvesting and hunting.
  • Aquaculture and marine culture.
  • Living in the sea.
  • Closed system diving and much more.

Pricing:            $12.95