Papaya, Carica papaya L.,  Family Caricaceae, also called Lechosa, Fruta Bomba, Melon Zapote, Paw paw.  One of the fastest growing trees bearing fruit in one year.  It is seen along roadsides all over the island of Cozumel.  The fruit contains the natural digestive enzyme papain, that digests protein, carbohydras\tes and fat it aids digestion and comforts the stomach and intestines.   Papain, sometimes caled vegetable pepsin, is contained in most parts of the trees and is extracted to make meat tenderizer.  Papain capsules may be purchased at health food stores as a digestive aid.
Traditional Medicine:  Papain is used to control inflammation and edema (swelling) caused by trauma.  Chymopapain from papaya is sometimes used in digesting discs in injuries such as a "slipped disc" or "ruptured disc".

A few people are allergic to the plant and its extracts.