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New CD Rom thousands of pages, hundreds of photos broad coverage of plant foods and plant medicine plus survival skills and suvival medicine.    Go to Herbal Odyssey

Skills for Kids Stuff:

Two new videos:  Origami Odyssey and Cartooning Funny Farm Animals.

New Video: 

Seventeen Ways to Start a Fire and 100 Other Useful Skills
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Scott Stoddard of American Survival Guide Magazine says, 
"Meuninck has pulled out all the stops and has come up with one of the best survival videos we have seen....Fast paced and packed with hundreds of survival tips and tricks.  If you could have only one survival video in your library, Survival! would be one of the best tapes to get." Are you Y2K ready?   Jim Meuninck's  Survival video "one of the best." 
                                                                     - American Survival Guide 
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Skills for Kids Video:     
Origami for Kids   
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Are your kids bored?  ABC/CLIO video rating guide gave Meuninck's Origami for Kids a "four star rating".  School Library Journal highly recommends "...this interesting resource for young Origami aficionados." Fold along with experts.  Make hats, boats, paper airplanes, insects, birds, frogs and more...Increase your kids self confidence get this video today.

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The Diet for Natural Health. 
One Diet for Disease Prevention.
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Buy the Diet for Natural Health video in September or October and receive a free interactive computer disk with over 600 pages of hyperlinked information on dieting, disease prevention, organic gardening, exercise and much more including direct access to millions of pages of health and diet related web pages via.  

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Natural Health with Medicinal Herbs and Healing Foods

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Receive the Physician's Laptop Reference absolutely free with the purchase of this tape at our low discounted price. 

The Physician's Laptop Reference is an interactive, hyperlinked computer disk that covers popular over-the-counter herbal medicines.  Discover the herbs functions, medicinal uses, chemistry, dosages, contraindications and personal comments.What the experts say about the video Natural Health with Medicinal Herbs and Healing Foods..."Highly recommended!" 

--Business of Herbs 
"Meuninck's approach not only educates, but provides access; I feel that he knows what I am looking for and is out there rounding it up for immediate delivery"     

---The Herb Companion 
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