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Exercise Prescription
by Jim Meuninck

Carrying a twenty five pound pack effectively doubles your calorie burn.  Five pound weights on lower legs makes a walk the equivalent of a run over the same distance. (Photo: first Burroughs, Mt. Raineer National Park).

CAUTION:  With any exercise regimen always seek the guidance and recommendations from your physician before initiating a program.

Here is what I do.   I try to get forty five minutes to one hour of exercise, 7 days per week. I do not exercise if too tired or sick.  In practice, I average 20-25 workouts per month.  Weight bearing exercise is an integral part of my routine.

Major study showed that at least a two mile walk every day reduced overall risk of death by 50%. -New England Journal of medicine (1998,33:94-99). *

*Study included 707 nonsmoking men from 61-81 years of age. Twelve year study: 208 died, 43.1% of dead participants walked less that one mile per day, whereas those who walked two or more miles only 21.5% died. Those who walked more than two miles faired better than those who walked two miles. Long walkers died 60% less of cancer.


  • Speculation suggests that two mile daily walking diminishes hypertension, lipid levels, clotting mechanisms. Improves immune function.
  • Exercise improves circulation of nutrients, oxygen and waste products to and from individual cells, all cells from the brain to distal capillaries.
  • Exercise and fat intake reduction may be the only way to lose weight and keep it off naturally.
  • Exercise can improve your cholesterol to HDL ratio.
  • Exercise can reduce stress and oxidative damage caused by stress induced metabolic changes.
  • Exercise is a form of play, it is creative, and when done in the appropriate environment provides spirit like trances and endorphin highs that can be addictive.
  • Exercise improves your rest.
  • Exercise raises your metabolic rate and there is an increased burn of calories hours after you have completed your workout.
  • Exercise tones all organ systems and strengthens the heart and diaphragm two vital muscles controlled by the autonomic nervous system.
  • Regular exercise can lower blood pressure (in a few test subjects  as much as 50%*)
  • Daily exercise, 30 minutes per day, lowers LDL, raises HDL, decreases adipose tissue on body, decreases triglyceride levels and improves LDL to HDL ratio.
  • Exercise has no gender bias.
  • Exercise increases longevity by restoring primal conditioning as hairless, running apes, not prone to the sedentary ways of information age anthropoids.
  • Fitness can be achieved by walking hand in hand, day after day with the one you love.
  • Exercise can delay the onset of degenerative diseases: arthritis, diabetes and heart disease.
  • Increases estrogen levels.
  • Induces relaxation by burning off adrenaline.
  • Relaxes muscle tension.
  • Builds bone mass and muscles.
  • Improves skin tone, elasticity of skin and connective tissue.
  • Improves bladder control.
  • Improves sex, aids digestion, reduces arthritis symptoms. 

    (Copyright Meuninck 1999)

For more on exercise, diet,  plant foods against disease, five minute gardening and over 800 pages of information see:  Diet for natural Health Interactive Computer Database.

*Williams, Paul; Relationship of distance run per week to coronary heart disease risk factors in 8283 male runners; The National Runners' HeaLth Study, Archives of Internal Med. 1/27/97.

My Personal Exercise Prescription

I try to perform two exercise units per day: One: light exercise lifting or weight bearing exercise and Two: a moderate exercise.

One: Weight bearing: For the light exercise I lift light weights, do pull ups, push ups or dynamic tension exercises where I flex my muscles especially in the upper body and take them through a full range of motion. This light exercise is combines weight bearing with full body movement, full range of motion, with much stretching and reaching, moving all my joints, keeping my body flexible and toned.

Two: The moderate exercise is a leisure or brisk walk for at least two miles or a 10-12 mile bike ride every evening. Kayaking, wind surfing or hitting tennis balls against a wall, all before noon if possible. If the weather is impossible to get out into, I skip a day. No guilt, no shame. I may increase my weight training on the indoor day. Once weekly I try to have a full day of activity. This will be a vigorous two or three hour hike coupled with a swim in Lake Michigan, maybe proceeded in the morning with wind surfing. This is my all out physical day and it is usually Saturday or Sunday. Guess what! I eat out on the evening of this all "out exercise" day. I break some diet rules, knowing that tomorrow I am back on my rigid dietary schedule. In the winter, it's cross country skiing in the dunes or in the forest. I also like to X-country at night (night comes at five pm in Michigan). If there is no snow I walk, hike or ice skate. It's difficult to exercise as much in the winter. I have all the indoor exercise machines, but they bore me. I have yet to join an indoor exercise facility, but am seriously considering it.

For more information on exercise and weight loss see:  Diet for Natural Health  and The Diet for Natural Health Interactive Computer disk