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February 9, 2000: Diet for Natural Health at Borges Medical Center, Borges Health and Fitness Center, Kalamazoo, MI  Tel  (616) 552 BFIT.

March 5, 2000:  The Wilder Side. WNIT Open Studio Interview with Brenda Bowyer.  2:30 PM.

March 6, 2000: Herbal Preparations and Nutritional Therapies, What Works for Me!  Lincoln Room, Kellogg Center, Michigan State University, for herb businesses in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana and Canada.  Call Michigan herb Business Association at (616) 452-4380.

Coming soon lectures and workshops late winter at Penn Harris Madison Adult Education and Brandywine School Corporation.

May 20, 2000: Memorial Hospital South Bend, Indiana.  Center for Integrated Healing.  God's Garden  tel.  219 284-7831

May 28, 2000  Sturgis Historical Society, Sturgis Michigan  (616) 659-3309..Topic:  Edible Wild Plants: The Five Minute Garden.