(Picture three) This is the tricky part! Cut the center shapes along the heavy lines in the front to make the stage opening and also the side rails. Look at Picture Four to see how we use these shapes. The wide part of the cut for the stage opening is 10", like the marquee. And it is about 6 1/4" high. But leave "flaps" about 1 1/2" wide at the sides. Fold these flaps in along the dotted lines to give the stage opening strength. Also fold back the outside flaps and tabs to form corners.

 (Picture Four) This is how the parts go together. Be sure to study this picture carefully. All the flaps and tabs fold back, which makes them easy to staple! The back folds just like the front.

Step One: Tape folded tabs to folded flap tops on stage front and stage back.

Step Two: Staple Side Rails to stage front sides. Next staple side rails to stage back. Now add the marquee to the front with tape or staples and decorate your new stage with construction paper, like the pink strip across the stage front at the bottom, or add your name to the marquee! You may even make a curtain from construction paper for your theater like Polly and I did in our video!
Last Step Below: Make a curtain for your stage by fan folding a piece of construction paper as shown on the right.  Attach your cartoon characters to pencils, chop sticks or popsicle sticks as shown in the video Cartooning Funny Farm Animals.