Candace Corson M.D.

Board certified in Family Practice, Candace Corson, M.D. lives in northern Indiana. She and her husband, an emergency physician, have four sons.  Dr. Corson received both her college and medical education at Yale University in the 1970's, and after residency, served in the United States Public Health Service in rural North Carolina. 

After several years of private practice in Indiana, Dr.Corson developed an interest in the prevention and reversal of chronic illness, utilizing the concepts of nutritional medicine, botanical medicine, and energy medicine. She began to study with teachers from many different disciplines, including Patsy Clark of Shawnee Indian descent, who teaches at Indiana University South Bend and at Bittersweet Cultural Center, Rochester, Indiana.  Dr. Corson spent four years as medical consultant in Integrative Medicine for a non-profit hospital's Healing Arts Center in Mishawaka, Indiana. 

She is now focusing her efforts on public health education, lecturing on environmental health, (the Earth- Health connection), and nutritional and holistic medicine, especially for women and their families.  She is featured in the educational nutrition video, The Diet for Natural Health, 1999, from Media Methods, with Jim Meuninck, Edwardsburg, Michigan.  She enjoys being with friends in her own medicinal garden, and teaching her favorite subject, "Growing Medicine in Your Own Backyard."        


Dr. Corson holding comfrey and motherwort.